Set Jetting Stats

Estate Angels has a very comprehensive rundown of just how much set jetting can add to tourism, with some seriously big stats showing what a boost it can be:

Locations featured in films and novels can benefit from a boost in tourism from Britain of up to 30 per cent according to new research from Halifax Travel Insurance.

A whopping thirty per cent of people say they are more interested in visiting New Zealand as a direct result of watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy, while Alex Garlands The Beach, and the film adaptation starring Leonardo DiCaprio, has boosted Thailands popularity by 19 per cent.

We’ve seen growth of 50 per cent out of the UK over the last five years, helped by three years of priceless, unofficial marketing from the Lord of the Rings phenomenon, says Barry Eddington, the London-based regional manager for Tourism New Zealand.

Rosslyn Chapel, which features heavily in Dan Browns best-seller, attracted 68,000 visitors last year, compared with 9,500 ten years ago. Stuart Beattie, the chapels director, is anticipating up to 100,000 visitors next year when the film of the book is due to be released.

I’m betting Rome and the Vatican get a serious boost from the release of Angels and Demons, the predecessor to The Da Vinci Code. There are still a few Harry Potter books to make it to the big screen, and no doubt they will continue the trend in boosting UK sites, and with the His Dark Materials trilogy due to hit the big screen soon, I’m betting Oxford gets a lift too.

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