Set-Jetting Reverses Economic Woes

This GQ article shows the economic impact that set jetting can have on a town. In this case it relates to Osuna, a Spanish town that was having a tough time in the financial downturn. Then Game of Thrones arrived.

Obviously the influx of money from the initial shoot helped, as did a flood of extras and people trying to be extras, but the legions of fans the show inspires not only helped boost the local economy while shooting took place, it’s had a lasting impact because those set jetters just keep coming. All for only 17 minutes on the screen.

Osuna’s tourist numbers for 2015 are up 75 percent from 2014, all because of Game of Thrones. Come on, folks! Aprovechar!

It isn’t just Osuna that GoT has helped, the article also includes information about other towns that have seen the effect:

The mayor of Dubrovnik, where Game of Thrones has shot often, reported 13 million tourist visits in 2014, a 6 percent spike from 2013; the city claims GoT tourists have injected $10 million into the economy, a particularly welcome infusion of cash considering that in all of Europe only Greece’s and Cyprus’s economies have shrunk more than Croatia’s. There are now Game of Thrones tour packages for any budget. For $3,200, a U.S.-based company called Zicasso sells a seven-day GoT trip through Croatia. The package includes falconry lessons.

Set jetting can change lives it seems. Let’s hope it continues.

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