Set Jetting in Forbes

Forbes Traveler has a great article on set jetting, talking about a number of locations which are usually missed from most articles, but obviously remain a massive draw and it also goes to show that the effects of a film have a much longer-lasting and far reaching effect than many other forms of advertising.

It’s not easy getting to Dyersville, Iowa, especially since the picturesque town of 4,000 is 65 miles north of the state’s main highway. Nevertheless, it attracts roughly 65,000 visitors a year, from as far away as Japan and Australia. The reason? Dyersville is home to the Field of Dreams. “We encourage everyone to head to the corn, bring a bat, ball and play, or just sit on the bleachers and dream,” says Julie Kronlage of the Dyersville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner, was released back in 1989! The article also notes many companies and tourist boards are getting wise to the benefits for both parties:

Wise to the dollars involved, more and more tourism boards are planning promotions around major Hollywood releases. With The Da Vinci Code, Sony entered into partnerships with tourism boards in London, Paris and Edinburgh to market the film, as well as the specific destinations where it was shot. “We started working together in May 2005 because we knew that there would be such an interest in the film,” says Jenni Steele of Visit Scotland. “It’s not everyday that this comes along.”

I was at Cannes last year and a huge number of countries and French provinces had stands showing not only what films had been shot in that location but also the facilities, locations and support they could offer to try and draw more productions to their neck of the woods.

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