Fords of Isen

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The Fords of Isen: The crossing-point on the upper reaches of the River Isen. As the only direct route between Eriador and Gondor, the Fords had great strategic value, and Isengard was built to guard them. They were the scene of two Battles between Saruman and the Rohirrim during the War of the Ring.

This is situated in the Kaitoke Regional Park, along with Rivendell, just north of Wellington. To be honest, the location is easy to get to (except on bank holidays, when parking is a nightmare, guess when I went), it’s sign-posted from the entrance, but, apart from a board about production, there’s nothing to see and little identifiable.

At least they’ve got one thing right here – they actually put up sign-posts, but at one of the least impressive locations!