Fangorn Forest & Nen Hithoel

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  • Vehicle Requirements: Any (4x4 useful)

Fangorn was filmed in two locations: Takaro Road (which I didn’t go to) and Mavora Lakes (which I did).

Takaro Road:

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Mavora Lakes:

It’s a bit of a trek to get there, and the directions for the exact location are somewhat vague, GPS definitely recommended.

On the way up, you come across an area fenced off on either side (to form paddocks/grazing). Just before you get to a split in the road, there’s a small set of hills appear on your left, with a forest that runs over the ridge. Ignore the advice in the book about broken fences, it’s been fixed. Basically it’s atop those hills where the hobbits escape the orcs, the riders of Rohan burn their bodies and Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli search for the hobbits. It’s also where Gandalf calls Shadowfax.

Get back in your car and carry on up the track until you reach a little picnic area with a toilet. Park up and stroll around, up in the woods you see (with your back to the lake) is where Merry and Pippin hide from the Orcs, and slightly futher down the track (definite 4×4 country) you can see the gravel beach where the fellowship land at Nen Hithoel (GPS highly recommended for both, I never did find that tree stump – you try finding a specific tree stump in a wood!)