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Located on Mt Sunday, near the Mt Potts Sheep Station.

Take the right turning off of Highway 72 and follow this road. You’ll pass through Hakatere, though the only reason you’ll notice is because that’s were the tarmac ends and the unpaved gravel road begins. After some time, with nothing but sheep and the odd bird of prey for company, you’ll pass through the small community of Lake Clearwater. It seems an eternity with each arm of hills revealing what lies behind like a curtain being drawn aside.

Eventually you’ll crest a hill and there it lies, directly in front, in the flat river valley below. There’s a turn out on one of the first corners as you begin to descend which offers a great view. Slowly make your way down and continue on past the Mt Potts station, there’s a cattle grid some way past, with room to park and get a great shot.

It took about and hour and a half to get to from Methven (the nearest town of any size, or with accomodation, even if it is 80km away – incidently, where the crew stayed – I can recommend the hostel).

You can’t actually get onto the hill, unless you hop the fence, ford the river in several places and charge up it, which I did. You may be able to ask at the Mt Potts station and be let up legitimately. Otherwise, shorts and trainers you don’t mind getting wet (or are easy to remove), are recommended.

Incidently, there’s a white marker on the top that is in pretty much the exact spot for Meduseld.