Dimrill Dale

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  • Vehicle Requirements: Any (4x4 useful)

Dimrill Dale was respresented by two locations: Mt Owen (which I didn’t visit) and the Remarkables Ski Field (which I did).

Mt Owen:
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Access Rating: Unknown
Vehicle Requirements: Unknown

The Remarkables (so named because they align exactly north-south) ski field is located just outside Queenstown. The drive to the top is on a rough gravel road, with no barriers. It was fun in summer, not to be attempted in anything less than a 4×4 in winter.

The actual location (next to Lake Alta) is a fairly sturdy walk from the car park, uphill, over a rock strewn landscape. A reasonable level of fitness, some water and hiking boots are recommended (and wet weather gear is useful as the weather can change for the worse, even in summer).

It’s easy to spot the location (provided you’ve had a look at the scene), with the location where Aragorn wades through the river fairly obvious (though you what you didn’t know was that he was looking at a couple of ski lifts across the ridge!).