The Ford of Bruinen

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  • Vehicle Requirements: Any (4x4 useful)

The Ford of Bruinen was filmed in two locations: Arrowtown (which I visited) and Skippers Canyon (which I didn’t).

Skippers Canyon:

I chickened out on this one, at the entrance to Skippers Canyon, a single vehicle width track, is a warning sign that recommends 4×4 cars. Even on the map it says no hire cars beyond this point. Now, as none of the other roads had had warning signs, and they warranted 4×4’s in my opinion, I figured it was a dumb idea to attempt it.

You could always grab a tour.

For those more hardy, or armed with a substantial 4×4, the road is located outside Arrowtown as you head from Queenstown, and is up a fairly steep ol’ tarmac road – but allow plent of time and be ready for a rough ride (that’s my opinion). I did say Skippers Canyon was a single car width, lord knows what you do if you meet something coming the other way!


Arrowtown’s a small ex-gold town not far outside Queenstown, big it isn’t. Aim for the carpark behind the main street (easy to spot, when you see a shop, that’s the main street, follow the parking sign!) and park up, then be prepared for a bit of stream hoping (wellies, boots or footware you can get wet a good idea). Wander off up the canyon.

For those in a good 4×4, drive over there, park in the river (that’s what everyone else was doing), be prepared for some fun, uphill and slippy stuff though.